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When you properly service your vehicle it will look great, run great and last a long time. To assist you , we offer a wide range of Las Vegas auto repair services for the care and maintenance of your vehicle. Whether you need tires, brakes or a muffler, Advanced Automotive Works can take care of your automotive service needs.

Maintenance Service
•Oil & Filter Change
•Tire Rotation & Balance
•30-60-90 Mileage Services
•Cooling System Flush
•Transmission Service
•Filter Replacement
•Pre-Purchase Inspections

Brake System
•Disc Brake Service
•Drum Brake Service
•Emergency Brake Repair
•Master Cylinders
•Rotor & Drum Resurfacing
•Fluid service
•Hydraulics Repair

Engine Service
•Spark Plugs
•Timing Belts
•Fuel System Service
•Fuel Pumps
•Check Engine Lights

Cooling System
•Leak Diagnosis
•Overheating Diagnosis
•Hoses & Belts
•Water Pumps
•Cooling Fans

Exhaust System
•Exhaust Pipes
•Tail Pipes
•Catalytic Converters
•Dual Systems
•Chrome Tips

•Lowering Kits
•Wheel Alignment
•Struts & Shocks
•Drive Axles
•CV Boot Service
•Ball Joints
•Rack & Pinion Service
•Axle & Wheel Bearing

Towing Service
•Towing to Shop Only

Monaghan’s Auto Repair
2009 South Decatur Blvd.
Las Vegas, NV 89102

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Car AC Service Las Vegas

Car AC Service Las Vegas

Monaghan’s Auto Repair
2009 South Decatur Blvd
Las Vegas, NV 89102

Monaghan’s Auto Repair uses state of the art leak detection and refrigerant identification equipment. This assists our ASE certified diagnosticians in the mechanical diagnosis of your auto air conditioning system.

Because we use the most proven leak detection technologies including Electronic and Ultraviolet detectable die. The Diagnostician inspecting vehicles is an ASE certified speicialists. While every diagnosis preformed at Monaghan’s Auto Repair uses a computer generated written estimate.

Car AC Service Las Vegas

Car AC Service Las Vegas

Key Benefits:
• Car AC Service Las Vegas – Identification of leaks in your system can save you costly recharging.
• Because Leaks in your A/C system can cause premature compressor failure.
• So have a professional diagnosis with a written estimate for comparison shopping.
• While we have a key drop available for after hours vehicle drop-off.

Electronic Troubleshooting:
Today’s automotive electronic circuitry has more in common with the internet than it does with the simple electrical systems.  Any common vehicle may have as many as 30 different sensors.  While  sending signals to several on-board computers responsible for correctly acquiring the desired in-car temperature.

Because we maintain state-of-the-art scan-tool diagnostic equipment to interface with the vehicles computer systems. While this assists our technicians in the electronic diagnosis and repair. Certified technicians with the experience in electronic troubleshooting necessary to repair today’s electronic climate control systems.

Key Benefits:

•Proven diagnostic techniques for step-by-step troubleshooting with trustworthy and timely repair.
•Trained technicians with the skills to diagnose and repair the most complex problems.
•Alldata Certified Information Specialist capable of accessing up-to-date technical data required for the proper diagnosis and repair.

Vacuum Troubleshooting:
Symptoms of vacuum problems can vary from a slight annoyance to a complete failure of the climate control system. Generally engine vacuum controlled through a series of valves, hoses and vacuum motors. This can include choosing between dash vents and defrost, or even heat vs. air conditioning.

Because technicians with the experience required to see a job through from the initial troubleshooting to the repair. So our certified information specialists can access over 1.1 million pages of technical data.

Car AC Service Las Vegas:

•Specialized vacuum leak detection equipment.
•Proven diagnostic techniques for step-by-step troubleshooting with trustworthy and timely repair.
•Car AC Service Las Vegas.

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