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When your car won’t start look at discharged or dead battery as one of the possible reasons for a car not to start. Sometimes we just forget to turn off the dome light. Or it could be some faulty component of the vehicle electrical system that drains the battery down. When the battery is old, it will just die one day, even if the day before it was OK. In either case, if the battery is low on charge, it won’t have enough power to turn over the engine.  When your car won’t start you may hear some clicking noise or the starter may turn very slow when attempting to start the engine. Call Monaghan’s Auto Repair when your car won’t start!

Car won't start

When your car won’t start your battery could be the issue.

When your car won’t start:

Check out the following items when your car won’t start:

Turn the windshield wipers on. If they move very slow, much slower than usual, the battery is probably low on charge. Look at the dome light. Does If it gets very dim when you try to start or when you turn the wipers on? This means the battery is discharged making it so your car won’t start.

The battery may not be bad just low.  This means it can be recharged.   One way to do this is to jump start your car and let the engine run for a while to re-charge the battery. Read below about jump starting. One thing to be aware: if the battery is more than 4-5 years old, it might be completely dead, so it won’t take charge and the car will not restart again after you shut it off. In this case, you may need a new battery. A problem with the vehicle’s charging system can also cause the battery not to re-charge.

When your car won’t start call Monaghan’s Auto Repair.  We are a local/family owned business!

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