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Car AC Repair Las Vegas is tricky and can be expensive.

Get your CAR AC Repair at Monaghan’s Auto Repair

Monaghan’s Auto Repair Car AC Repair Las Vegas:

Because Car AC repair Las Vegas is tricky and can be expensive.  Come to Monaghan’s Auto Repair for your vehicle’s AC needs.

  • Car Air Conditioning Service , Re-Gas and Repairs
  • Air Conditioning Gas Conversions to Environmentally Friendly Gas
  • Vehicle Air Conditioning Service for all car models including prestige motor vehicles and trucks
  • Installation of Car Air Conditioning Evaporators and Condensers
  • Because we handle Installation of New Car Air Conditioning Compressors to suit all models
  • Complete Car Air Conditioning Diagnostic, Leak Detection and Repairs
Car AC Repair Las Vegas

Car AC Repair Las Vegas

State of the art car AC EQUIPMENT!

While we check your entire auto A/C system for signs of leakage. Therefore technicans will  look for refrigerant leaks, disconnected, broken, or corroded wires and connections, bad fuses, malfunctioning condenser fins, damaged compressor clutches, compressor drive belt tension problems. We check for plugged evaporator drain tubes and poor insulation. Our thorough inspection service ensures that your auto air conditioner will serve you when the heat comes.  As a result Monaghan’s Auto Repair is your one stop shop for car ac repair.

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