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Car Services Las Vegas

When you are looking for car services Las Vegas, Monaghan’s Auto Repair is your place to go.  Because when you properly service your vehicle it will look great.  Your car will run great and last a long time. Because we offer a wide range of Las Vegas auto repair services for the care and maintenance of your vehicle. Whether you need tires, brakes or a muffler.  Therefore Monaghan’s Auto Repair can take care of your automotive service needs.

Car Services Las Vegas

Car Services Las Vegas

Car Services Las Vegas

•Oil & Filter Change
•Tire Rotation & Balance
•30-60-90 Mileage Services
•Cooling System Flush
Transmission Service
•Filter Replacement
•Pre-Purchase Inspections

Brake System
•Disc Brake Service
•Drum Brake Service
•Emergency Brake Repair
•Master Cylinders
•Rotor & Drum Resurfacing
•Fluid service
•Hydraulics Repair

Engine Service
•Spark Plugs
•Timing Belts
•Fuel System Service
•Fuel Pumps
•Check Engine Lights

Cooling System
•Leak Diagnosis
•Overheating Diagnosis
•Hoses & Belts
•Water Pumps
•Cooling Fans

Exhaust System
•Exhaust Pipes
•Tail Pipes
•Catalytic Converters
•Dual Systems
•Chrome Tips

•Lowering Kits
•Wheel Alignment
•Struts & Shocks
•Drive Axles
•CV Boot Service
•Ball Joints
•Rack & Pinion Service
•Axle & Wheel Bearing

Towing Service
•Towing to Shop Only

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