Car Services


When you properly service your vehicle it will look great, run great and last a long time. To assist you , we offer a wide range of Las Vegas auto repair services for the care and maintenance of your vehicle. Whether you need tires, brakes or a muffler, Advanced Automotive Works can take care of your automotive service needs.

Maintenance Service
•Oil & Filter Change
•Tire Rotation & Balance
•30-60-90 Mileage Services
•Cooling System Flush
•Transmission Service
•Filter Replacement
•Pre-Purchase Inspections

Brake System
•Disc Brake Service
•Drum Brake Service
•Emergency Brake Repair
•Master Cylinders
•Rotor & Drum Resurfacing
•Fluid service
•Hydraulics Repair

Engine Service
•Spark Plugs
•Timing Belts
•Fuel System Service
•Fuel Pumps
•Check Engine Lights

Cooling System
•Leak Diagnosis
•Overheating Diagnosis
•Hoses & Belts
•Water Pumps
•Cooling Fans

Exhaust System
•Exhaust Pipes
•Tail Pipes
•Catalytic Converters
•Dual Systems
•Chrome Tips

•Lowering Kits
•Wheel Alignment
•Struts & Shocks
•Drive Axles
•CV Boot Service
•Ball Joints
•Rack & Pinion Service
•Axle & Wheel Bearing

Towing Service
•Towing to Shop Only

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