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Powered Running Boards

Powered Running Boards


  • PowerStep Running Boards produced by AMP Research are original factory equipment on some vehicles.
  • Running boards extend outward when doors are opened. They retract flush underneath the vehicle when doors are closed
  • Ideal for off-roading.
  • Running boards are triggered automatically when any door.
  • Sealed power motors mount directly onto the folding linkage assemblies with ease
  • Running boards extend and retract in approximately one second
  • Pinch protection sensors will reverse direction of the boards if resistance is detected
  • Each side is rated to support 300 pounds
  • Comes with a controller module which mounts under hood and wires directly to your battery
  • Bushings are sealed for protection against grit and the elements, and require no lubrication
  • Die cast aluminum construction and stainless steel pivot pins ensure a lifetime of freedom from corrosion
  • Powder coated finish that effectively resists scratches, chips, and discoloration
  • Finally they are manufactured in the United States

Add the ultimate touch of luxury to your pickup truck or sport utility vehicle powered running boards. Furthermore they extend outward when you need them. Then they retract out of sight underneath your vehicle when you don’t. AMP Research has engineered and built all fixed and moving PowerStep components to very high standards. Ford and General Motors offer these very powered running boards as an OEM factory option. They are perfect for 4×4 owners who need maximum ground clearance during off-roading.  AMP Research offers running boards sized to fit your make and model that achieve an OEM-quality fit.

Installing Powered Running Boards

Mounting brackets with a pivoting design fit easily onto vehicle body mount bolts or existing frame holes. A centralized control module is placed under hood for easy power connection to your vehicle’s battery. This comes complete with heavy grade wiring that runs through door ajar sensors, then through sill plates after drilling. The wiring connects easily to power motors that mount directly onto bracket ends and to LED lights that secure to the vehicle frame with the use of double-sided tape. To ensure moving parts do not become compromised by mud and grit buildup, motors and pivot points are sealed with internal lubrication – making them virtually maintenance-free. Hence running boards on each side can support up to 300 pounds and textured surfaces give maximum grip.

AMP Research also offers the Extension Arm Kit. This comes with four extension pieces that mount between the standard PowerStep mounting brackets. They are powered running boards to create a step height that’s two inches closer to the ground. The extension pieces fold out of the way when the boards retract. This maintains a side profile that is flush to the vehicle.  Furthermore this provides convenience for lifted trucks and passengers with difficulties climbing larger steps.

Powered Running Boards

Automatic Running Boards

Automatic Running Boards

Customers can by AMP Research running boards that offer Stainless Steel Trim Strips.  They come in multiple lengths that slide easily onto the front edge of newer style powered running boards. Don’t worry if you have older AMP Research running boards. The Complete Stainless Steel Trim Upgrade Kit gives you new-style replacement running boards.  They bolt on easily to existing arm brackets. Replacement LED lights are also available in the event any on your vehicle. AMP Research builds all components in the United States. Finally they come with a 5-year/60,000-mile warranty against failure due to manufacturing defects.

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