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Transmission Repair Options:

Did you know that not all transmission repair shops can do a transmission rebuild?  Monaghan’s Auto Repair in Las Vegas specializes in transmission rebuilds and transmission repairs and services.   Other mechanics and auto repair shops bring their transmissions to us to rebuild.

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Transmission Repair

Transmission Repair

There are several options when it comes to automatic transmission repair. Each has an advantage and disadvantage. Your choice depends on factors like cost, quality and how long it takes you to get your car back. Here are the options:


New transmissions are not available from the dealer or any other source; they are only used in the production of new cars and trucks. When you purchase a transmission from the dealer you are getting one that is remanufactured. This is an important consideration when looking at the cost of the transmission.


A rebuilt transmission is one where the transmission is disassembled and inspected, worn or damaged parts are replaced and then reassembled to factory specifications, along with new gaskets, seals, clutches and bands. These are commonly referred to as “soft parts”. The term “rebuilt” is generally used in a shop setting where the customer’s transmission is removed from the car, rebuilt and then reinstalled. It is a custom process performed by a specialist.


A repaired transmission is one where a specific component is replaced or fixed. For example, if an input shaft broke or a solenoid failed those parts can be replaced without rebuilding the entire transmission. This includes instances were a transmission may have a leak. During the inspection it’s learned that the internal components still have a lot of mileage left in them. In this case just the external seals would be replaced in order to resolve the leaking problem. Generally speaking, with a repair, only the component that is replaced would be warranted. This can be problematic in that you may spend a significant amount of money on a repair and later have something in the transmission fail that is unrelated to the repair. It’s cost effective but does have an element of risk.


Another possibility today is to have a used transmission installed. Used transmissions have become a viable option because insurance companies will often total a car simply because the airbags deployed from a relatively minor accident. The rest of the car may be in terrific condition, with very low mileage.
A used transmission may cost hundreds less than a rebuild but in most cases they come with a lesser warranty, so there is a trade-off.
Keep in mind that not every option may be practical for you. A lot depends on the type of car you have, the mileage, the type of failure.

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